5 for Friday, September 24, 2021

Where did the month go? It seems like the semester just started a couple of weeks ago and we’re already at the end of September. Midterms will be here in no time at all. Here are some musical selections to help you chillout and relax.

Link Channel Runtime
Most comfortable at home~Lofi hip hop ~ Chill beats [study/relax/focus music] Little Soul 1:42:25
Feel free to think ~ Chill Lo-fi Hip-Hop Beats ~ Beats to relax/study to Tunable Music 1:45:57
Endless Sunday ? [Chillhop / instrumental beats] Chillhop Music 2:01:27
Deep Within the Forest ? Chill lofi HipHop Mix Dreamhop Music 1:04:06
Jing | Chillstep Mix 2020 trouvaille 1:01:54

Photo by Papergirl from Wikimedia Commons.

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