5 for Friday, November 12, 2021

It look like the time got away with me again and I’m adding links to this on Saturday morning – after the scheduled post was automatically published on Friday. Scheduled posts are a double-edged sword. My excuse is that I’ve been doing a lot of homework lately and didn’t get around to updating the blog. I have found some neat tricks with Zotero, though, so I’ll probably publish those soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this fine selection of music.

Link Channel Runtime
Minimalist Chillstep — Deep Space Music — Future Mix Chill Music Lab 1:10:24
Chill Out Jazz Hiphop & Smooth Jazz Mix Cafe Music BGM Channel 3:59:16
Mind on clouds~lofi hip hop mix~ focus music Tunable Music 1:14:44
Sakura Chill Beats サクラチルビーツ Sakura Chill Beats Streaming
Chillstep Mix 2021 | “The Heart of Chillstep” Eminus Music 2:51:09

Photo by Arnaud 25 from Wikimedia Commons.

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