5 for Friday, September 30, 2020: Nora En Pure

A portrait of Nora En Pure in which she is wearing sunglasses.
Daniela Di Lillo is a Swiss-South African DJ known professionally as Nora En Pure.
As September draws to a close we look forward to cooler temperatures, festive colors, and more studying. This week’s sets of music for studying come from Daniela Di Lillo, better known as Nora En Pure.

Link Channel Runtime
Nora En Pure | Graub√ľnden, Switzerland Nora En Pure 2:17:44
Game Changers by Microsoft Surface // Nora En Pure – Lake Arnen Gstaad Switzerland Beatport 1:35:20
Transcend with Nora En Pure over Blue Waters | Freqways Set MLDBEAST 1:06:17
Nora En Pure – Purified 300 | Exumas, Bahamas Nora En Pure 1:44:46
Nora En Pure @ CRSSD Festival | Ocean View Nora En Pure 1:26:04

Featured Image by op23 of Pexels.
Nora En Pure portrait from Rave Jungle.

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