5 for Friday, October 7, 2022: Little Soul

An illustration of a woman jogging
Little Soul
Little Soul is an independent music label featuring relaxing lofi music. They have an active YouTube channel with several videos and streams, most of which feature images by Sam Yang or those in a similar style.

Link Channel Runtime
Early Morning Vibes – Chill vibes πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ Study / relax / stress relief ~ Lofi hip hop mix Little Soul Streaming
Music to put you in a better mood ~ lofi / relax / stress relief Little Soul 3:03:43
Music to put you in a better mood ~ Study music – lofi / relax / stress relief Little Soul 3:09:10
🌞The perfect warm sunshine music to listen to in the morning – Chill lofi Little Soul 3:08:27
Music for when you are stressed πŸ€ Chil lofi | Music to Relax, Drive, Study, Chill Little Soul 3:48:06

Featured Image by woodleywonderworks from Flickr.
Little Soul illustration by an unknown artist, but possibly Sam Yang.

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