5 for Friday, November 18, 2022: Chill Music Lab

A color photo of a woman wearing headphones while working on a laptop
A woman working on a laptop.
Chill Music Lab is one my favorite music channels on YouTube. Instead of playing lo-fi music, they normally have chillstep, future garage, and downtempo music. Chill Music Lab itself is an independent record label that specializes in these genres. Their music is great for playing in the background when I’m working on projects or doing homework. It’s not so slow that it makes me feel tired, and the rhythms make me feel productive in whatever I’m doing.

Link Channel Runtime
Night Music — Deep Chillstep Mix Chill Music Lab 59:51
Anti-stress Music — Calming Chillstep Mix Chill Music Lab 1:06:55
Chill Music For Productivity and Creativity — Smooth Downtempo Mix Chill Music Lab 1:08:40
Music for Work — Night Productivity Playlist Chill Music Lab 2:46:59
Music for Work — Productive Future Garage Mix Chill Music Lab 1:00:44

Featured image by Danny Meneses from Pexels
Additional image from Christina Morillo from Pexels

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