5 for Friday, December 9, 2022: FilFar

A person wearing a gas mask and eye goggles festooned with fluorescent green dots that are illuminated under a blacklight.
Fluorescent clothes under a blacklight
As we near the end of the semester, projects are due and it’s almost time to study for finals. Students need all the concentration they can muster to meet the challenges of the next few weeks. To help with that is this selection of music from FilFar. FilFar is a computer programmer and musician who makes background music for productivity and concentration. If it helps him, maybe it will help you, too.

Link Channel Runtime
Programming ▫️ Designing ▫️ Hacking ▫️ Coding ▫️ Focus ▫️ Music 🧬 FilFar 3:00:33
HACKING MUSIC → Tesseract of Code 💎 #2 FilFar 54:37
Concentration Music → Rift of The Modern Age ⚡︎ #1 FilFar 1:00:00
HACKER MUSIC – Matrix Edition 📟 #31 FilFar 1:01:41
Deep Programming – Modern VIBE 🛸 #28 FilFar 1:06:02

Featured image by RealToughCandy.com from Pexels
Additional image by imustbedead from Pexels

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