Study music

Just a few of the music streams I’ve bookmarked over the past year.

Link Runtime
lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to Streaming
Inspiration Chill Music Radio — Deep Future Garage — Live 24/7 Streaming
Feeling good~Lofi hip hop ~ Chill beats [study/relax/focus music] 1:43:12
Medieval Fantasy Music – Medieval Monk | Magical, Beautiful, Enchanted 2:05:28
Waiting for someone ~Lofi hip hop ~ Chill beats [study/relax/focus music] 1:30:17
Be yourself | lo-fi hip hop [study/sleep/homework music] 59:59
Most comfortable at home~Lofi hip hop ~ Chill beats [study/relax/focus music] 1:42:25
Mystery | Deep Chill Music Mix 1:00:41