5 for Friday, September 23, 2022: Miss Monique

A portrait of Miss Monique
Alesia Arkusha is a Ukrainian progressive house DJ known professionally as Miss Monique.
After a break of several months, it seems like it’s time to get back into recommending music for studying. I’ll try to keep up with this and posting five music selections every Friday. However, I want to change things up a bit. In the past the selection was a bit more eclectic. In this and in the future I plan on recommending selections from single artists or single channels. This week has Alesia Arkusha, a progressive house DJ from Ukraine, known professionally as Miss Monique. Enjoy.

Link Channel Runtime
@Miss Monique – Mind Games Podcast 084 (Live @ RADIO INTENSE 10.10.2018) Radio Intense 1:01:25
Miss Monique – YearMix 2021 4K Miss Monique 2:00:38
Miss Monique – MiMo Weekly Podcast 037 4K Miss Monique 1:26:42
Miss Monique – 1001Tracklists Miami Rooftop Sessions 1001Tracklists 49:55
Miss Monique – Live @Atlas Weekend 2020 Miss Monique 59:54

Featured image by Bob Peterson from Flickr.
Miss Monique portrait from Progressive Astronaut

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